Alignment Bundle


The use of alignment rods is nothing new. But our new Padded Alignment Rods and easy-to-use Alignment Disc is. Now you can place rods anywhere at precise angles every time with 2 discs, one down the line and one up the line, which means you’ll perfect your swing plane and path more, and scream “fore” less. Our Padded Alignment Rods also come with a connector, so you don’t need to duct tape two sticks together anymore.

What’s in this bundle:
2 Alignment Discs
Padded Alignment Rods (set of 2)

Customer Reviews

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Steven j Auferoth
This is a great product f

This is a great product for working on the plane of swing. I've been using this product for a few weeks and it certainly has helped. Anyone needing to work on getting the swing more on plane should consider this product. Works best indoors on a mat where you don't have to worry about divots.

Nicole Damarjian
I am an LPGA Golf Instruc

I am an LPGA Golf Instructor and use this product with players to help them create their desired swing path. I also use both discs and two alighnment rods without padding to create a chipping hurdle for players to chip over or under. I simply set the rods verticle to the ground and slip a swim noodle through the rods to create the "hurdle." Versatile training aid! Thank you WhyGolf!

Product is good but the l

Product is good but the lack of supporting materials to use the product reduces the value. The instructional videos are limited and shot from an angle where it is almost impossible to tell what is occurring in them. Product requires too much work by purchaser to figure out how to use them (noting I'm a beginning golfer and that's why I purchased the product).