Alignment Bundle


The use of alignment rods is nothing new. But our easy-to-use Alignment Disc is. Now you can place rods anywhere at precise angles every time with 2 discs, one down the line and one up the line, which means you’ll perfect your swing plane and path more, and scream “fore” less. Our 48” Alignment Rods also come with a connector, so you don’t need to duct tape two sticks together anymore.

What’s in this bundle:
2 Alignment Discs
Alignment Rods (2)

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Self-Serving Testimonials
  • WhyGolf keeps taking my money and as long as they keep improving my game, they are welcome to take more of it.
    Amy S.
    Our Favorite Customer
  • The Alignment Disc is the best training aid I’ve ever used with my students.
    Brad Ott
    Director of Instruction, TPC Craig Ranch
  • I find this brand offensive and I will never buy any of their vile products.
    Ray F.
    Snowflake & Person Whose Testimonial We Should Have Never Included
  • You should totally spend all your money on these training aids.
    Brad Mason
    Unbiased Founder of WhyGolf
  • I love what these guys are doing with WhyGolf. The products are so cool.
    Brian Henninger
    2-Time PGA Tour Winner & Founder of The Golf Farm
  • WhyGolf is the best company and makes the best, most helpful golf products ever. They’re so good
    Tim S.
    Person We Paid to Leave a Review
  • Do you have money? Can we have it?
    Jeff Mason
    The Other Unbiased WhyGolf Founder
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