Our Lament

Why do we do it to ourselves? We strike a little white ball, only to chase after it again? We shank it, hook it, duff it, and whiff it. We hit banana slices, and watch with indignation as our golf balls soar into the woods. We infuriate ourselves over and over again - and consider inflicting our wrath on our 7 iron. We spend hours on the range trying to fix that slice. “It’s only a small blister.” Is it the challenge to better our best? Or the camaraderie of trash-talk? “Good one, buddy. You almost made it past the front tees.” We can’t be this crazy, right? 

But Why?

Because every so often, though not as often as you’d like, you really smack one. That seemingly inexplicable, effortless shot that flies for days. The kind of shot that elicits a ‘Nice ball’ with a tinge of bitterness from a playing partner. And for that one moment you think, ‘Woah, I've found it.’

That's Why.

It takes just one of those elusive, flawless shots to legitimize the absurdity of it all. To justify all of the money spent on clubs, gadgets, and balls. At WhyGolf, we don’t promise the perfect swing over any set amount of time. Having trod the fairways for many years ourselves, we know that ‘perfect’ is as elusive as an eagle. But with our training aids and instruction, we can help you experience that fist-pump-inducing moment a few more times per round. After all, it's that endorphin-packed feeling that keeps us coming back.

Make the hardest sport less hard.