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Pressure Plate
David Lazar
No instructions

There are no instructions on how to use it.

Bunker Mate
Leonard Hermosillo
Leonards Golf LLC

I have resently become a new customer with WhyGolf. I am very pleased with the service and attention to customer service. In today's business world it's very encouraging that some business still understand that without repeat customers you can't servive in today's competitive world. As a golf instructor for over 35 years training aids are vital to my clients.
I'm a retired IBMer and one thing that I learned in working for them is satisfied customers is the secret to being successful.

Putting Thing
Excellent putting aid

I have found this very useful in getter a smoother roll with the correct initial trajectory

Putting Thing
Denny Schroeder
Great putting aid

Super easy to use. I like the adjustments for ball and club. Great to use before a round to get dialed in.

Putting Thing
Young Chen

It improved my putting stroke tremendously

Pressure Plate
Karl Hasik
Shift your weight without shifting your body

Simple concept and simple execution that has taken me over 50 years to understand and perhaps 20 minutes to get improvement. I highly recommend this device that you can do at home every morning and evening. The tutorials are so good!

Alignment discs

These things work perfectly. They hold the alignment rods really well and are easy to use. Additionally, I was able to see immediate improvement! Would definitely recommend.

Great training aid to cut down over the top

Tempo and power - little too big for younger kids though

Love this plate and the bottom design. It’s a little too big for my 8 yo who is really the good golfer I. The house but using something like this with tempo timer really helps

Putting Thing
David M.
Spot on training tool!

Really liked the mechanics of this putting aid the first time I saw it! Bought it for the guys on my High School golf team and they immediately saw improvements with allignment and distance control. Great device!

Alignment Discs
Patrice Kretz
Alignment discs

Very solid tool for indoor or outdoor practice, and with some imagination, can expand their use
Rapid delivery and excellent customer service

Alignment Bundle
Joshua Popp
So far so good.

I've only had the Alignment Bundle for a week. I've practiced with it a few times. It worked great for getting feels for an in to out swing to correct my slice. I played a few times at the end of the week. It wasn't automatic, but when I made a conscious effort to swing to the outside my slice was replaced with long straight shots. I will continue to use the Alignment Bundle and hopefully get to the point where I can shape my shots more effectively. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to correct a slice or a hook. It will help you get the feeling of swinging on the correct plane to fix your swing.

Putting System
Coach Mesha
Team loves it!

This system is great for the golf team. Challenges all the players to make them be smarter with the putter. Seeing many more putts falling!!

Alignment Discs
Bryan Noyce
Alignment discs

Discs have been helpful seeing swing plane and improving club path.

Putting Thing

This showed me right away I’ve been aiming right and pulling putts which makes sense why I don’t hit my start line a whole lot - hence not being able to get the ball through the gate here. After some practice making much better strokes and excited to see how it will translate in the long term

Great tool!

I really like that these are made so Solid. They force you to make the right swing!

Alignment Discs
Brad McEwan

Good quality good customer service

Putting Thing
Brett Pool
Great training aid

It’s a simple tool to use but it’s much harder than it looks. I started with the gates set on 2 and thought that it would be a piece of cake to get the ball through without hitting them. I was wrong, it very quickly points out inconsistency with swing and face angel. I’ve been using it at home and looking forward to using it on the practice green.

Putting Thing

Best training aid on market.

Thanks so much!

I broke two shafts with this alignment bundle

Hi Saul, this is the first time we've heard anybody break their shaft with the Alignment Bundle - sorry to hear that. - WhyGolf Team

Slope Plate
Jason Nelson
Great tool

This is an amazing idea and it helps get the feeling in the feet while you are at home.

Alignment Bundle
Pete Kelbel
Alignment Bundle Review

The Alignment Bundle is needed, especially indoors to customize swing stations for my students. It’s easy to set the padded alignment rods to create: Takeaway Width, encouraging a more inside attack, or for making a swing less flat!

Thanks, Pete. Glad it's working out. All the best! WhyGolf Team

James Chatman
Easy to use and simply "works"

I was struggling with keeping connection between my chest and arms throughout my swing. After a couple session with ArmAlarm, my swing path immediately straightened out and I'm no longer coming over the top and hitting slices. Amazing product!

Thanks, James.

Pressure Plate
James Chatman
The Pressure Plate is a no-brainer

Within a week of using the Pressure Plate, I've gained a club throughout the bag and I'm hitting it much more consistently. Thank you WhyGolf for creating such a terrific product. I will be back again!

Awesome to hear, James. Appreciate the kind words! All the best - WhyGolf Team

Putting System
Scott Erling
Great putting system

The Whygolf putting system is a complete, easy to use solution to all together better putting. It helps with stroke mechanics and green reading skills. Anyone who takes the time to use this system will see their putting improve and scores drop.

Thanks, Scott! Really appreciate the kind words. All the best to you. -WhyGolf Team