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Golf is arguably the hardest sport there is. You swing a tiny golf club at high speed to hit a tiny ball into a tiny hole hundreds of yards away. Really! What is wrong with us? Why do we do this to ourselves? WhyGolf?

For us, the answer is in every great shot. Every putt, drive, or chip that goes our way. We want to help you hit more of those, with training aids that are as effective as they are simple to use.

Designed & Assembled in the USA

We love America, even with its flaws. That’s why we make our products right here at home.

30 Day Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% satisfied we aren’t either. Get a refund, no questions asked.

Trusted by Teaching Pros

Teaching Pros from across the country are using our products.

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Brian Henninger is a two-time PGA tour winner and top rated instructor. Amy Simanton won the Oregon State amateur championship, was an all Pac 10 collegiate golfer and is also an accomplished golf teacher. Since someone’s got to show you how to use our products, we figured we’d use the best.
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We have the perfect kits for short game woes and long game mishaps, which – let’s be honest – we can all suck at.
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Self-Serving Testimonials
  • testimonial
    The Alignment Disc is the best training aid I’ve ever used with my students.
    Brad Ott
    Director of Instruction, TPC Craig Ranch
  • testimonial
    WhyGolf keeps taking my money and as long as they keep improving my game, they are welcome to take more of it.
    Amy S.
    Our Favorite Customer
  • testimonial
    I find this brand offensive and I will never buy any of their vile products.
    Ray F.
    Snowflake & Person Whose Testimonial We Should Have Never Included
  • testimonial
    You should totally spend all your money on these training aids.
    Brad Mason
    Unbiased Founder of WhyGolf
  • testimonial
    I love what these guys are doing with WhyGolf. The products are so cool.
    Brian Henninger
    2-Time PGA Tour Winner & Founder of The Golf Farm
  • testimonial
    WhyGolf is the best company and makes the best, most helpful golf products ever. They’re so good
    Tim S.
    Person We Paid to Leave a Review
  • testimonial
    Do you have money? Can we have it?
    Jeff Mason
    The Other Unbiased WhyGolf Founder