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Alignment Discs

Alignment Discs

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Now lighter, more durable golf alignment discs and you get two plus a carry bag for the price of one! 

Or buy the Alignment Bundle to also get 2 Padded Alignment Rods.

The use of golf alignment sticks is nothing new. But our easy-to-use Alignment Discs & Bundle are. You can place golf alignment sticks anywhere at precise angles every time. Whether working on your takeaway, swing path, plane or follow through, our best-selling golf alignment discs and sticks will make your practice sessions strikingly productive and purposeful.

Included with Purchase (Alignment Discs vs. Alignment Bundle):

  • Alignment Discs - 2 Alignment Discs
  • Alignment Bundle - 2 Alignment Discs PLUS 2 Padded Alignment Rods

Including with Both:

  • 6 different angles perfect your swing path (45 degrees to vertical)
  • Nylon carry bag
  • Fix your slice, over-the-top move, swaying, early-extension and more!
  • Training Videos
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - Fix your swing path or send it back for a full refund

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Denny Schroeder
Excellent way to work on swing path

The different preset angles are extremely helpful when working on your swing plane with different clubs.

Robert Fletcher
Putting and Alignment Discs

The putting device has drastically improved my putting stroke. I did not know how poor my putting stroke had become. This device will improve your path after the first use. I’m now on the correct path to improvement. As of now I have received the alignment discs but have not had the time to put them to use. I’ll report back at a later time .


Haven’t even taken it out of the box

Rick Johnson
Great Training Aids

Excellent Training Aida to help improve and manage swing principles during practice sessions with minimal disruption. I would recommend the Alignment Bundle for anyone who is serious in improving their game

David Buckingham