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Slope Plate

Slope Plate

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TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF GREEN READING! Most professional golfers today are using their feet to detect slope on putting greens. Why? 

Our eyes lie...but our feet don't. 

Train your feet to detect slope with the Slope Plate and you'll find your putts—and your scores—will start dropping… just like your buddies’ hopes of taking your money.


  • Learn how to read greens with unparalleled accuracy: Our Slope Plate will teach you how to feel the break on putting surfaces with your feet - just like many of the world's best golfers.
  • Improve your green reading anywhere: Slope Plate is portable and designed to be used anywhere. You can even train your feet to feel the break from the comfort of your home while watching the pros make it look easy on TV.
  • Tour-Proven and Tested: Slope Plate was designed and engineered with the help of top PGA professionals and tour pros to ensure ultimate accuracy and ease-of-use.
  • One Year Money-Back Guarantee - Make more putts immediately or send it back, no questions asked.
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Your Eyes Lie, Your Feet Don't

How does Slope Plate work?

1. Stand on our Slope Plate with your feet shoulder-width apart. Use the feel in your feet to estimate the % of slope.

2. Look down and find the line that is centered between your feet. That is the actual slope %.

3. Repeat this until you can feel the slope % accurately and consistently.

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Learn how you can use our Green Cards to determine the EXACT break of any given putt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason Nelson
Great tool

This is an amazing idea and it helps get the feeling in the feet while you are at home.

Slope Board

I got the Slope Board at the PGA Merchandise Show a month ago. It fits together easily and I have to believe it works as advertised. I don’t have previous knowledge about how certain slopes feel, but this makes sense and seems to be very consistent.

Thank you, Art! Appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review. All the best! WhyGolf Team

Chris Oehlerking
Fantastic training aid!!!

I own a golf academy and one of the hardest skills to teach is reading greens. WhyGolf hit a homer with this device. Our students are loving it. They can't wait to get outside and start making putts.

Awesome, Chris! Thanks again for all your support and looking forward to seeing you again soon. Best, WhyGolf Team

Slope Plate FAQ's

Why did we create Slope Plate?

Using your feet to detect slopes on putting greens is widely considered the most effective method for reading greens. However, the reality is that most golfers don't have the time to spend hours each week on a putting green, training their feet to detect slope.

Slope Plate offers golfers the option to improve their green-reading abilities from home – in between meetings, during calls, or while watching TV!

How often do I need to use it to see results?

Use the Slope Plate for just a few minutes each day, and you'll quickly become adept at detecting even the most subtle slopes!

What are the two included level vials used for?

The two level vials (included with purchase) are designed to be placed in the specific central area of your assembled board. Their purpose is to indicate whether the board is resting on an entirely level surface.

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