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Pressure Plate

Pressure Plate

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Shifting your weight in a swing is important, but it’s hard to know when and by how much. The Pressure Plate solves that by tipping only when you shift your pressure correctly. You know in real-time, every time.

Included with Purchase:

  • Add speed and consistency to your golf swing by learning how to shift your pressure effectively - without swaying
  • Take the guesswork out of your pressure shift - the Pressure Plate will only tilt when you do
  • Spikes on the bottom to facilitate a stable connection with the ground
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • 24" x 13" x 1" - 6 pounds
  • Training Videos
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee - Increase your swing speed and consistency in days or send it back for a full refund
  • Same-day processing for orders placed before 3PM PST
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Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews
Karl Hasik
Shift your weight without shifting your body

Simple concept and simple execution that has taken me over 50 years to understand and perhaps 20 minutes to get improvement. I highly recommend this device that you can do at home every morning and evening. The tutorials are so good!

Tempo and power - little too big for younger kids though

Love this plate and the bottom design. It’s a little too big for my 8 yo who is really the good golfer I. The house but using something like this with tempo timer really helps

James Chatman
The Pressure Plate is a no-brainer

Within a week of using the Pressure Plate, I've gained a club throughout the bag and I'm hitting it much more consistently. Thank you WhyGolf for creating such a terrific product. I will be back again!

Awesome to hear, James. Appreciate the kind words! All the best - WhyGolf Team

Francis Dechristoforo
Front foot stability

Haven’t played yet but just swinging a club after using the pressure plate has created a great feeling of forward momentum and not hanging back on my trail foot.

Awesome to hear, Francis! Glad it's working out for you. Best, WhyGolf Team

Jim E.
Great product with quick results!

The pressure plate gives instant feedback and creates a repeatable move that delivers immediate positive results.

pressure shift golf aid

Learn How to Create Effortless Power

As we rotate in our backswing, the pressure in our feet should move to our trail foot. With the Pressure Plate, you'll know if this happens because it will only tilt back when you get at least 60% of your pressure on your back foot.

weight shift golf aid

Make Sequencing Easy

During the transition from backswing to downswing, your pressure should shift to your lead foot before your arms are parallel to the ground. The Pressure Plate will let you know when this happens by tilting toward the target once you have at least 70% of your pressure on your front foot.


Better Traction = Better Results

Most other golf boards rotate and spin during a player's swing.

Our patent-pending design has spikes on the bottom to help you more effectively transfer power from your lower body to the golf ball.

Pressure Plate FAQ's

How is the Pressure Plate different than other golf balance boards?

There are a few advantages to the Pressure Plate. One, the Pressure Plate stays level at address, rather than forcing you to be tipped to one side before you start your swing. Two, the Pressure Plate has spikes on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around during the golf swing. Take a glance at videos of other boards online and you’ll often find them rotating and spinning around during the golf swing - the Pressure Plate does not. This connection facilitates the transfer of pressure in the feet to the ground, otherwise known as ground reaction force.

Will the Pressure Plate promote a sway?

No. Our goal in designing the Pressure Plate is specifically to get golfers shifting their pressure instead of their center of mass (weight). The Pressure Plate is a training aid that can actually fix a sway. While hitting off the Plate, we want golfers to feel their pressure moving into their feet while keeping their torso relatively stable.

Can I hit drivers with It?

It depends on your height and the width of your stance. Most women and juniors will be able to use a driver without an issue. Men over 6 feet who want to hit drivers on the Pressure Plate may want to have their feet hang off the edges of the board. With this said, the beauty of the board is that any progress made with irons will translate to the driver.

The board is one inch thick - won't I chunk everything after stepping off?

We see different lies on the course all the time (e.g., lies above the feet and below the feet). Adding an inch for a few shots on the range won’t make a world of a difference. We certainly don’t recommend that a player hit hundreds of balls on the Pressure Plate per day; this will likely produce diminishing returns. We believe a player looking to work on their pressure shift should hit 3 balls on the Pressure Plate, then 3 balls without it and repeat this sequence for only as long as they can maintain their concentration.

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