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Bunker Mate

Bunker Mate

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Introducing an industry first...a portable bunker simulator designed to give you the feedback and instructions you need to really improve your bunker game. 

Bunker Mate is designed with a top layer custom developed by WhyGolf to mimic the feel and ball flight of sand, an internal "bounce" layer with just the right amount of resistance to digging, and a bottom rubber layer for weight, traction, and durability.

Included with purchase:

  • Bunker Mate is designed to be used with regular golf balls (outdoors) and foam balls (indoors)
  • 2 foam balls included with purchase
  • Get immediate feedback on the quality of your contact - if you dig with your wedge's leading edge or hit too far behind the ball, you'll know immediately
  • Comprehensive instructions provided with purchase
  • Perfect for full-swing golf simulators
  • Training Videos
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee  - Improve your bunker game dramatically or send it back for a full refund
  • Same-day processing for orders placed before 3PM PST
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
corey wolff
Love the feedback

Used it today for the first time. And the feedback was great good hits were rewarded and missed hits as well! Great tool when sand is not available.

Charles Ikejiani
Awesome bunker mat!

I love this bunker mat for practice and also when using my golf simulator. It works extremely well for practice and adds to the realism of indoor golf. Highly recommended.

Anna D
Hubby loves it!

Hubby loves it

Gregg Stewart
Great practice tool

Works as described thx great idea

Not Perfect….,but very good.

I struggle with bunker shots and I can’t practice from a real bunker everyday. The Bunker Mate does provide a good approximation of the feel of sliding the club beneath the ball using the club bounce. The Bunker Mate does the best job of indicating a fat shot, because the Bunker Mate will definitely slide with fat contact. The only thing missing is the ball rising out on a cushion of sand, but as I said, this is a good approximation. The Bunker Mate is perfect for backyard practice at home or indoors with limited-flight balls. The Bunker Mate is well-made and appears that it will stand up to regular practice for a considerable period of time. The price is very reasonable compared with other bunker practice aids that require the extra purchase of playground sand for use or a real bunker. I am very satisfied.'s Review on Bunker Mate

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Bunker Mate FAQ's

Does Bunker Mate come with foam balls?

Yes, 2 foam balls are included.

How does Bunker Mate replicate a bunker?

Our engineers at WhyGolf created fabric to mimic the feel of sand, while the "bounce" layer underneath responds similarly to how a club would in a real bunker. If you come in too steep or dig with the leading edge, you'll know immediately. When used properly, the Bunker will stay in place or slide a few inches. Learn more in WhysGuy's Corner.

What are Bunker Mate's dimensions?

It is 24" x 15".

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