Bunker Mate


Introducing an industry first...a portable bunker simulator designed to give you the feedback and instructions you need to really improve your bunker game. 

Bunker Mate is designed with a top layer custom developed by WhyGolf to mimic the feel and ball flight of sand, an internal "bounce" layer with just the right amount of resistance to digging, and a bottom rubber layer for weight, traction, and durability.

Key benefits:

  • Bunker Mate is designed to be used with regular golf balls (outdoors) and foam balls (indoors)
  • Get immediate feedback on the quality of your contact - Bunker Mate will slide if you dig with your leading edge or hit too far behind the ball
  • Comprehensive instructions provided with purchase - see attached photo
  • Perfect for full-swing golf simulators
  • Learn about Bunker Mate's design and other information here

Two foam balls are included with each Bunker Mate.

Does the Bunker Mate come with foam balls?

Yes, 2 foam balls are included.

How does the Bunker Mate replicate a bunker?

Our engineers at WhyGolf created fabric to mimic the feel of sand, while the "bounce" layer underneath responds similarly to how a club would in a real bunker. If you come in too steep or dig with the leading edge, you'll know immediately. When used properly, the Bunker will stay in place or slide a few inches. Learn more in WhysGuy's Corner.

What are the Bunker Mate's dimensions?

It is 24" x 15".

Bunker Mate Testimonials

  • ★★★★★
    WhyGolf continues to deliver great products and the Bunker Mate is no exception. It's the only training aid that teaches players to use the leading edge properly in the sand.
  • Brian Henninger - 2 Time PGA Tour Winner