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Putting System

Putting System

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What's Included:

  • Putting Thing (Dial in Your Stroke)
  • Slope Plate (Feel the Break)
  • Green Cards (Know Where to Aim)


  • Your One-Stop Putting Solution: Leave no stone unturned with our data-driven Green Reading System and best-in-class putting stroke aid.
  • Adopt Tour Green-Reading Techniques: Implement a green-reading system based on the principle that our feet are better at detecting slopes that our eyes, emulating the techniques used by the world's best players.
  • Say Goodbye to Misreads: Once you know the slope for any given putt, use our Green Cards to determine the EXACT break.
  • Build a Reliable Putting Stroke: Our Putting Thing combines the best elements of putting gates, stroke trainers, and mirrors to help you dial in your stroke.
  • One Year Money-Back Guarantee: Make more putts immediately or send it back, no questions asked.
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Using Slope Plate

Feel the Break, Make More Putts

Train your feet to detect slope with the Slope Plate and you'll find your putts—and your scores—will start dropping… just like your buddies’ hopes of taking your money.

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Using Green Cards

Know the Exact Read

If you know the break, you will make more putts. Our Green Cards tell you EXACTLY how much your putts will break. Stop second-guessing your read and make more birdies with our Green Cards.

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Using Putting Thing

Dial In Your Stroke

Unlock a new level of putting consistency with the Putting Thing. Its fully-adjustable putter and ball gates will leave you no choice but to consistently hit the center of the face and down your intended start line.

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