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Padded Alignment Rods

Padded Alignment Rods

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Introducing an industry first...alignment rods with integral foam padding for visibility and safety. When alignment rods are used at angles to help with swing path and plane, there's a risk that a wayward swing can contact the rod. Additionally, they aren't as visible as we might like. That's why many top instructors slide pool noodles on rods when using them with students, but pool noodles are bigger than we'd like, cost extra and don't fit in a golf bag.

WhyGolf's Padded Alignment Rods solve these problems plus have a coupling on the end that serves a dual purpose of protecting the end of the rod from contact with a club and allows rods to be attached end-to-end.

Padded Alignment Rods are sold in sets of 2.

Alignment Disc NOT included.

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