WristAlarm Instruction

Watch WristAlarm in Action

Fix Your Early Flip

Fixing Your Lead Wrist Position

Too Much Forward Shaft Lean?

Attach WristAlarm to Glove

  • Attach the Wrist Clip to the inside part of your glove as shown in the adjacent illustration
  • Attach the clip so it reaches past your glove's inseam. This will ensure that the clip will remain in place when your wrist moves.
  • We recommend golfers place the ArmAlarm magnet case about where you would wear a typical wrist watch.

When You Cup, Sound the Alarm

  • If you cup your lead wrist, the magnets will disconnect and the alarm will sound. When your wrist returns to a neutral position, the magnets will return to their original position.
  • If you find that your wrist clip is not attached securely to your glove, it's worth ensuring that your clip is attached beyond your glove's inseam as shown in the adjacent illustration.
  • If you cup your wrist and the magnets do not separate, this is an indication that the ArmAlarm magnet case is too close to your glove. To increase sensitivity, we recommend moving your magnet case slightly up your forearms.