Green Cards Instruction

Video: How to Use Green Cards

Let's Say...

We have a putt with...

  • Green speed is 9
  • 4 paces from the hole
  • Up Slope is 1%
  • Side Slope is 2%

Where do we need to aim?

2 cups outside the edge.

Green Cards - Additional Notes

How do I use the Stimpmeter?

The included Stimpmeter operates identically to the Putting Thing's, ensuring you can measure the speed of greens with precision and consistency. Click here to watch the Stimpmeter video.

What do the numbers in RED on the Cards mean?

Red numbers indicate that you should aim towards the center of the cup, not away from it. For instance, '1/2 B in' in red means you should aim half a ball's width inside the cup's edge.

How do I know what % slope my putt is?

Many golfers practice with a level on the putting green to train their feet to consistently detect the break percentage. However, time constraints prevent most from regularly engaging in this practice.

Our Slope Plate makes it easy for you to learn how to feel the break from the comfort of home. In case you are interested, here's a link.