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Bunker Mate FAQs

Does the Bunker Mate come with foam balls?

Yes, 2 foam balls are included.

How does the Bunker Mate replicate a bunker?

Our engineers at WhyGolf created fabric to mimic the feel of sand, while the "bounce" layer underneath responds similarly to how a club would in a real bunker. If you come in too steep, the Bunker Mate will launch forward. When used properly, the Bunker will stay in place or slide a few inches.

What are the Bunker Mate's dimensions?

It is 24" x 15".

The ball didn't go anywhere when I used the Bunker Mate. What's up with that?

With a wide open clubface, as used for high, soft bunker shots, it is possible to pass the clubhead under the ball without the ball going anywhere. This is perfectly acceptable (particularly with a foam ball) and an indicator that you are keeping the face open appropriately. This will not happen when you use the Bunker Mate with your clubface a little less open and not pointing to the sky.

What loft should I use with the Bunker Mate?

Use the same club or clubs you normally would use on the golf course.