Bunker Mate


Introducing an industry first...a portable bunker simulator designed to give you the feedback and instructions you need to really improve your bunker game. 

Bunker Mate is designed with a top layer custom developed by WhyGolf to mimic the feel and ball flight of sand, an internal "bounce" layer with just the right amount of resistance to digging, and a bottom rubber layer for weight, traction, and durability.

Key benefits:

  • Bunker Mate is designed to be used with regular golf balls (outdoors) and foam balls (indoors)
  • Get immediate feedback on the quality of your contact - if you dig with your wedge's leading edge or hit too far behind the ball, you'll know immediately
  • Comprehensive instructions provided with purchase - see attached photo
  • Perfect for full-swing golf simulators
  • Learn about Bunker Mate's design and other information here

Two foam balls are included with each Bunker Mate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Robert Chalfant
The product provides me a

The product provides me a way to practice sand shots since there is no sand practice area at the course I play.

Excellent product with no

Excellent product with no flaws. Practice indoors and out with variation in stance, angle of approach, loft of club etc with instant feeback. I enjoy hitting very short flops all the way to trying to pick one for a 30 yard shot. Being able to try the exact same shot with the 3 different wedges and seeing the results is great for my game.

Patrick Harris
The most realistic feel t

The most realistic feel to any bunker! Get one before they become too popular!

Janean Murphy
Great for an indoor studi

Great for an indoor studio.

James Fritz
Works well on top of a go

Works well on top of a golf mat.

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Watch Bunker Mate in Action

bunker golf training aid

Improve Anywhere

No sand? No problem. Bunker Mate can be used outdoors with regular golf balls and indoors with foam golf balls (included).

Does the Bunker Mate come with foam balls?

Yes, 2 foam balls are included.

How does the Bunker Mate replicate a bunker?

Our engineers at WhyGolf created fabric to mimic the feel of sand, while the "bounce" layer underneath responds similarly to how a club would in a real bunker. If you come in too steep or dig with the leading edge, you'll know immediately. When used properly, the Bunker will stay in place or slide a few inches. Learn more in WhysGuy's Corner.

What are the Bunker Mate's dimensions?

It is 24" x 15".

Bunker Mate Testimonials

  • ★★★★★
    WhyGolf continues to deliver great products and the Bunker Mate is no exception. It's the only training aid that teaches players to use the leading edge properly in the sand.
  • ★★★★★
    The Bunker Mate delivers! I was apprehensive to purchase the Bunker Mate because I couldn't wrap my head around an out of bunker sand experience. WhyGolf has put together a quality, well built product that seems to mimic sand play as well as I've seen in a training aid. I'm hoping a winter's worth of practice will pay dividends next spring. Because of the quality and thoughtfulness of the 'mate, I've already ordered my next training aid (the alignment disc).
  • Brian Henninger - 2 Time PGA Tour Winner
  • David C. - Trustpilot

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