How Can armalarm help?

ArmAlarm is a game-changing golf training aid that proivdes audible feedback when your wrists or forearms separate in your golf swing. Below, explore how to setup the ArmAlarm.

Watch ArmAlarm in Action

Adjusting Length of Tether

  • You can easily adjust the length of the tether by sliding the tether lock to the 'unlock' position and pulling on the tether. Once tether is desired length, slide into lock position.
  • To shorten tether, rotate the central knob clockwise until tether is desired length. Lock when finished.
  • After hitting a few balls, ensure that tether is still desired length.

Begin at Wrists, then move up

  • If you've just started using ArmAlarm, we generally recommend setting it up close to or on your wrists.
  • As you get more comfortable hitting full shots with ArmAlarm, consider moving the device slightly up your forearms. This will make it more challenging.

Take it To the Range and/or the Course

  • Easily switch between using ArmAlarm's tether and hitting regular golf shots - without taking the device's straps off your wrists.
  • To deactivate ArmAlarm, simply place the tether on the tether case as shown.

Use Cases

Fix Your Flying Elbow

  • Though not necessarily a swing fault, a Flying Elbow often results in an "across-the-line" clubhead at the top of the backswing, which can cause sequencing issues in the golf swing.
  • With ArmAlarm, if your trail elbow separates too far from lead arm in the backswing, you'll know immediately.

Get Full-Extension at Impact

  • Having the arms fully-extended at impact is a necessary condition for consistency and accuracy in the golf swing.
  • Find out immediately when your arms bend in your golf swing.

Fix Your Chicken Wing

  • For many, a chicken wing post-impact is a symptom of an inefficient move through the ball.
  • ArmAlarm will sound the alarm if you arms aren't fully-extended after impact.